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ARG specializes in offering comprehensive health and welfare benefits consulting services to employers and other plan sponsors.  We service public and private organizations.  Our experience includes the analysis, design, funding and management of employee benefit programs, such as Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, Vision, Life, and Disability Plans.

Everyone is busy and we respect the demands on your time.  That is why we go to great lengths to be prepared for each client meeting, making sure the right issues are being addressed at the right time and that the best people have access to the best information to move the decision-making process forward.

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We understand that you are responsible for contributing to your organization’s bottom line and productivity.  At the same time, you have to attract and retain the best employees.  Satisfying these responsibilities requires thoughtful planning.  ARG’s short and long-term strategic planning services incorporate the most effective practices delivering the highest value to both your organization and workforce.  Our only goal in this process is to help you achieve yours.  

Vendor Management

ARG is prepared to assist you in selecting, implementing, and managing all third party vendors, such as insurance companies, claim administrators, wellness vendors, and outsource vendors.  By serving as your partner throughout the vendor management process, we can assure you of the best match based on your organization’s objectives, requirements and culture.


As you know, organizations offering employee benefits and other workforce initiatives are subject to numerous compliance requirements.  Whether it’s Health Reform, ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code, or any number of other laws, the programs our clients offer present them with a steep compliance challenge.  ARG will set-up a compliance calendar & action plan to keep you on track to fulfilling your responsibilities.  We’ll make sure you are meeting your plan documentation, employee communication, reporting and other compliance requirements.


ARG grounds all of its recommendations in a thorough analysis of the issues and alternatives under consideration.  Our clients deserve the best information to make their decisions.  ARG, in conjunction with its partners, utilizes industry leading underwriting, data analysis, benchmarking, and evaluative software to establishing  recommendations.  All analysis is documented and summarized for you at the executive level.

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